The emotions of bacteria. Emocje bakterii.


Andrzej Bursa is one of my favourites Polish poets. While reading his poems, the poetic harshness of his language hits the reader in every line. He preferred to write “fucked” against “discontent” and I prefer to read this than wonders about an abyss of the unspoken understatements. However poètes maudits lived only 25 years, his work is an icing on this twisted world.


Dzieci są milsze od dorosłych

zwierzęta są milsze od dzieci

mówisz, że rozumując w ten sposób

muszę dojść do twierdzenia

że najmilszy jest mi pierwotniak


no to co

milszy mi jest pantofelek

od ciebie ty skurwysynie.

The paramecium

Kids are nicer than adults
animals are nicer than kids
you say that this way of thinking
I must come to a conclusion
that the dearest to me is protozoa

so what

paramecium is dearer to me
than you, you fucker.

(translated by me)


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