How do we “manifest” the poetry? – I.

“Zebrało się śliny” is an anthology published in 2016. It contains relatively new poetry written by the “fledgling” authors who have just started describing this world of ours. Do I enjoy it? I am certainly intrigued. How the new generation see the reality? What do they want to write about? What they want to change? In every age, poets have been having their own list of requests and demands – manifests, inter alia, “Oda do młodości” [The ode to youth] of Adam Mickiewicz during Romanticism or “Koniec wieku” [The end of the epoch] of Kazimierz Przerwa-Tetmajer during Young Poland (Modernism).
Kira Pietrek has written two poems named “manifest”. Does the values placed in it reflect poetry thoroughly? I’m feeling that in our era of fashionistas, being slim and sexy, kebabs and people who write about it I can understand the change from maudlin Werther.


become a member of certain grouping
which will deepen your willingness of assimilating new pieces of knowledge
find yourself an excellent teacher
do various things with your second hand
become a volunteer
maintain contacts with smart friends
practice an endurance training with strength and resistance exercises
have an orgasm

(translated by me)

A poem comes from:
Kira Pietrek
2016   Zebrało się śliny. Wrocław: Biuro Literackie, 169.